Must-join tech Meetups in Toronto

There are about 20, 000 Meetup events that happen each day on the popular social media network, a vibrant social community consisting of up to 24-million plus active members, all which drive $20-million in revenues (and growing) each year. It’s a networking gold mine…

The social media network was founded in New York City of 2002 and was designed to help fellow New Yorkers get to know one another.

Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman says that there’s a “loneliness epidemic” in the world and wants to, “use the Internet to get people off the Internet.”

Today there are over 214, 191 Meetup groups in the world across 178 countries.

Yes the Meetup community offers a wide variety of social options, ranging from getting to know Cuban entrepreneurs who want to kickstart the startup scene in Cuba to joining a White House tech group looking for talented programmers to joining a group of Shy People in British Columbia who want to meet with other shy people in British Columbia to you know, share similar levels of shyness with one another in…British Columbia.

And you know what? If you’re one who just simply loves tech events as much as we do, has a group for you too.

Below, MCR Rental Solutions lists our favourite (and most popular) tech Meetups in Toronto for you to check out and join.


Tech In Motion

tech in motion

Created in April 2013, the Tech In Motion Meetup is a must-join for anyone looking to connect with other tech-savvy individuals outside existing peer groups. Both educational and inspirational, Tech In Motion members will get to eavesdrop on real life stories about real life tech problems and the people and ideas behind the solutions implemented. New tech discoveries are also included in the Meetup, so members will get to see and touch new prototypes and/or early adopter gadgets. The group currently features 5 young and good-looking members in leadership, all who manage a 3, 483 member group — one of the biggest Toronto tech Meetup groups in the city.


tech toronto flier

The best part of the TechToronto Meetups (TTM) group is that you are almost certain to hear a tech pitch and learn something new each month. TTM acts as a standup-night platform for technologists who want to open the doors or add to existing tech conversations and discourse. Members can expect to witness or participate in TTM’s signature 5 by 5, a string of 5 presentations by 5 different businesses or people — and again, pitches are welcome. The group currently features 6, 675 members and also has a popular open mic session, which is open to anyone in the group looking for spotlight.

Girl Geeks Toronto

girl geek dinner

Founded in January 2009, Girl Geeks Toronto is a Meetup group dedicated to, “smart women who get technology.” Each month the Girl Geeks Toronto group host a strong line of speakers who present important themes about tech within the digital space each month. Girl Geeks Toronto has featured CBC Spark’s Nora Young, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law Michael Geist and Stephanie Wilson Chapin of Bell Media to just to name a few reputable speakers. The group features 2, 385 “girl geeks” however “boy geeks” are welcome as well.

We Are Wearables

we are wearables

With the wearables tech market value projected at $12, 642-million by the year 2018, it only makes sense to find a vibrant group like, We Are Wearables in Toronto. We Are Wearables’ is a group that helps “foster adoption and facilitate innovation in wearable tech.” It’s also an interactive group who loves to demo the latest in wearable technology. The group is definitley the hottest social club for anyone interested in wearable tech and all things connected. The group was founded in December 2013 and features 4, 837 members.


Meetups are a great way to for any one to easily expand peer groups and connect with like-minded individuals in real time and in real life for cheap. If you think we missed out on a popular tech-centric Meetup group in Toronto, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. Until next post!

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