4 startups every event professional should know

It’s simple: the main reason why 90% of startups fail is because they make products no one wants; this is a brutal truth many entrepreneurs face.

However, today MCR Rental Solutions focuses on the ‘lighter side’ of startup culture — the other 10%.

Today we highlight a handful of our startup favourites from must-know trade show food delivery services to insanely fun and interactive audio equipment and more, below you’ll find “4 startups every event professional should know.”

Eat My Seat


Eat My Seat is one of those startups that instantly give you a ‘holy-moly-wow.’ What makes this event app so special? Eat My Seat gives event attendees the luxury to order venue food from a venue menu and then have it delivered to their event seat while enjoying the event experience. Pretty cool, eh? Bon appetite!

Catch Box


If an event mic melted into its own speaker and then some how copulated with a basketball, the Catch Box startup would come out as its love child. Event professionals today love Catch Box because it helps event show keynote speakers engage with their audience while having fun — perfect for Q&A period.



If you’re an event professional who loves statistics and digital analytics, EventKloud offers an all in one digital marketing dashboard. EventKloud can track campaigns across the digital board, whether you want to measure initiatives for SEO, PPC, Social Media, and more EventKloud provides a one-stop-shop that gives event marketers the power to puppeteer everything from one spot.


ligo logo

You’re going to love Ligo. Just imagine having the power to wear all your business networking information at once. Or imagine never having to collect or print business cards ever again? Sounds good doesn’t it? With Ligo you can wear your business information to any conference; making it easier for you and your leads to find you without having to go through incompatible connections.


How did you find, “4 startups every event professional should know”? If you’re an event professional who thinks MCR Rental Solutions is missing out on a hidden gem, let us know. Feel free to leave a comment below or find us our Facebook fan page. Until next post!

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