Apple Rentals

Apple Rentals

24″ iMac

Specs: MacOS – Silver
M1 Chip/8gb/256ssd
24″ Screen 4.5k Retina Display
2 USB-C Ports –

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Macbook Pro 13″

MacOS – Space Grey
M1 Chip/8gb/256ssd
13″ Screen @ 2560 x 1600
2 USB-C Ports – 17hour Battery Life

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Rent An Apple Product

Apple (Apple Inc.) is based in the USA and it was established in 2006. It produces world-class digital products such as MacBook, smartphones, iPad, iPad Air among others. Their products though are world-class, they are however not the most pocket-friendly. Thus, many prefer to rent a MacBook rather than buying one.

Below are a few factors that will help in making a better choice while renting an apple product:

1) One of the main reasons for renting an Apple product is its expensive price tag. If you compare features alone then other brands provide more or less the same features for half the price. However, Apple is a league of its own and shows off your sophistication and taste. So if you can’t own one then try renting one.

2) If you don’t have the means right now to buy an Apple product, you can rent one. Later, you can buy your own.

3) Unlike the value of this product, its upkeep cost is also higher. Hassle-free maintenance is another reason to rent. Hence, if you rent one then the repairs would be done at the owners’ cost.

4) Technical support is another factor to consider as most rental companies offer fixing of any technical issues within 24 hours. Therefore, you don’t have to stress over running/calling the customer support in case of an issue.

5) If you are going to set a temporary office or workplace then you can rent a Macbook until you have your feet firmly in place. You rent the items and continue your work. No burden to move or sell that equipment in the future.

Steps to Rent an Apple product:

Follow the below-mentioned steps for Apple Product Rental. For renting iPhone and Apple TV visit separate sites. Do follow the below steps especially for MacBook rental and iPad rentals.

1) Visit the homepage of MC Rental Solutions.

2) Click on the Rental Menu from the above Menu bar.

3) Choose the ‘Apple Rentals’ option from the drop-down list.

Here you will see the different product has been presented categorically.

Apple iPad, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Different Accessories. Etc. You also have the option to choose iPad rental if you wish to.

4) Choose the desired product from there by clicking over it. A window will open mentioning all the details about the product.

5) Afterward, click on the ‘Get Quote’ alternative.

6) A form will pop-up. There fill up your details like- Name, Email address, Contact Number, Location, Company Name (if any), date(from which you want to rent it), duration of rental & remarks.

7) Then click on the ‘Send Message’ button to get a call from them.

Else you can simply call at their toll-free number mentioned at the header of their homepage to get a quote for apple rental.

In conclusion, we can say that due to the many advantages of renting devices, the concept is getting popular as it is a more practical and cost-effective solution for the consumer.