Popular event planners and PR influencers on Twitter with 10K+ followers

If you’re an event planner or scrappy founder looking to get more eye balls on your new product, you understand meeting new people with influence is a priority.

Today, MCR Rental Solutions introduces you to a network of popular event planners and pr influencers on Twitter, all who have over 10K+ followers for you to meet.

So without further adieu…

Let the creepin’ begin!

Dina Manzo

dina mazo twitter handle

Barry Libert

barry libert - 166k

Mindy Weiss

mindy twitter handle


esteem twitter handle

Tiffany BossLady

tiffany bosslady twitter

Starline Entertainment

starline twitter account

Event Industry News

event industry news twitter account

Event Professionals

event professionals twitter account

Mr. Nov

mr nov - 18k


jagwar - 18k

Karen Harris

karen harris twitter account

D&T Brand

dtbrand twitter account

Randall P. Whatley

randall whatley twitter account

Deb Frey

deb frey twitter account

Carlo At Your Serv

carlo at serv - 12k


With word of mouth impacting 92% of b2b sales and knowing 59% of buyers consult with peers before making a b2b purchase, it makes perfect sense for brands today to adopt social media, specifically Twitter to add and network with influencers. We’ve seen timeline after timeline prove products, services and content can go viral over night, and industry influencers and early adopters help reach a tipping point; spearheading the memes and trends we see today.

If you know of an event planner or pr agent with  over 10K followers, let us know in our comments section below or Facebook fan page. We’ll be happy to add the account to our list!


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