Infographic: how technology dramatically changed the event industry

Ever since web 2.0 hit mainstream in 2004, the event industry — and other major private verticals — have felt a major shift in industry best practices.

Our mailing lists are now social media ads.

Our brochures are now responsive websites.

Our event guides are now mobile apps.

Technological convergence is the norm. Whether we decide to use our smartphone as a secretary or a wall of tablets as a trade show display or a classroom of laptops as an art exhibit or computer desktops for gaming tournaments; web 2.0 has made it easier for any voice to communicate with a large audience.

Get this: in one minute the Internet sends 20 million emails, asks Google over four million queries, posts nearly 2.5 million pieces of content on Facebook, uploads 72 hours of content on YouTube, and tweets 277, 000 times on Twitter all while sharing 8, 333 clips on Vine — no sweat, eh?

Exactly. So how about we take a look below? MCR Rental Solutions shares one technological convergence close to our heart, highlighting an informative infographic that illustrates how technology has changed the event planning industry for the better.


how tech is changing events

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