Love it or hate it, but you cannot deny the significance of internet when it comes to the success of an event. Whether you are organizing a small presentation or a large concert, being connected gives you the peace of mind to be able to acquire information anytime and anywhere.  Organizing an event especially outdoors, involves a number of moving parts and unforeseen factors and the power of internet plays a crucial role in troubleshooting most issues.

Below is a low-down on the many ways a portable wi-fi router can elevate your event’s success:

1.WEBCASTING: Webcasting has become a popular tool to share information with people at remote locations and also to be able to engage with a wider audience. Webcasting at an outdoor event away from a structure/building supporting wifi can seem an even bigger challenge as spotty internet can take the experience from informative to frustrating. A steady wifi/cellular connection is thereby essential for webcasting to go smoothly without delay in transmission.











LIVE CHATS: Live chat sessions provide a platform for the speakers to interact and network with their followers and also to answer queries from people outside of an event space. Live chats have found flavor due to the real-time interaction ability and it also offers the viewer to be able to connect with celebrities/influencers/panelists virtually. The success of a live chat too depends heavily on a stable internet connection and a portable wifi/cellular router such as the Cradlepoint ensures connectivity at all times due to its backup cellular feature that allows the user to connect to the cellular option in case wifi is unavailable. One of Cradlepoint’s unique features is load-balancing that enables connectivity amongst a large group of people without compromising on bandwidth.

3.FOR THE MEDIA: Most events these days are attended by people from the media industry who appreciate nothing more than free wifi to be able to upload photos or written content instantly from the event or conference. Attendees appreciate the extra efforts taken by the organisers to ensure sound internet connectivity at their event.

4.NETWORKING: People attend events not only to attend a particular discussion but also to network with like-minded professionals or even prospective investors or employers. Internet access offers assistance in conducting smooth networking and socializing opportunities.


5.SOCIAL MEDIA: If it’s not on social media, it did not happen! The world is glued to their phones and constantly checks their social accounts to remain in sync with global updates. Providing internet access at events also helps the organisers to create a buzz plus free event promotion and awareness through the attendees’ posts.

The world that we live in today has grown much smaller thanks to the internet and people thrive on being connected at all times and to share and receive content in real time. Hence, offering the option of wifi/cellular connectivity at events and trade shows is always a big draw and is highly appreciated by attendees and exhibitors alike.

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