With the onset of the Canadian summers, the buzzing event scene would typically come to
life but we are living in a different time now where most events have been cancelled or
taken online to maintain social distancing and for everyone’s safety. As the Government
begins reopening some businesses, we take a look at how events will look like in the
coming months:

TAKE IT OUTDOORS: While indoor events may still take a while to instill confidence in
exhibitors and attendees alike, outdoor events will probably be the order of the day. We
may see golf courses, parks and open-air spaces becoming a popular choice for event
organisers. This will possibly mean longer planning and set-up time as tents and AV installs
usually take longer to install and tear down but outdoor events may no doubt offer better
safety measures for the public.

SOCIALLY DISTANT AUDIENCE: As part of the outdoor event planning process, organisers
may also want to put appropriate signage, reminders and even floor markings to ensure
that social distancing measures are in place at all times.

WEBINARS: Keynote speeches and panel discussions will be taken over by webinars where
one or multiple speakers can present their views in front of an online audience. Organisers
may want to setup professional equipment including notebooks, cameras, wi-fi etc. to
ensure smooth and uninterrupted telecast.

BYOF (BRING YOUR OWN FOOD): Buffet and refreshment counters might take a hit for
the foreseeable future as people may refrain from coming too close and touching the same
serve-ware, so Bring Your Own Food might just be the new norm for future events.

INCREASED ATTENDANCE: If one is to look for a silver lining in these difficult times is that
with a rise in online events, organisers may find an increase in attendance as people will
not have to worry about parking woes, traffic congestion or even non-availability of flights
as everyone (exhibitors, speakers and audience) will be able to participate from the
comfort of their homes.

As the lockdown restrictions are lifted gradually and we find ourselves being freer to move
about, organizing large-scale events will require more-than-ever planning and increased
safety measures to get the green light and until then it will probably be technology to the

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