The best trade shows in Toronto

If you’re searching for the best trade shows in Toronto, MCR Rental Solutions has assembled our own list of favourites, featuring a great list that offers a little slice of everything the city has to offer. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy it. Let’s go.Canadian International Auto Show

Fast cars and beautiful models and the men and women who love them both, the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) is one of Toronto’s most popular trade shows of the year. It features over 1,000+ cars from reputable name brands like that of Ford, Honda, Lamborghini, and Porsche to just to name a few. The auto trade show itself usually happens around mid-February each year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre; attracting over 300,000+ attendees; unveiling the latest trends and car models in the auto industry.

Landscape Ontario Congress

If you love horticulture, landscape design and everything connected to the green industry then you’ll love Landscape Ontario Congress: the largest green industry trade show in Canada. Organized by Landscape Ontario, the Landscape Ontario Congress trade show features over 600+ landscape industry leaders, swallows up over 8 acres of trade show floor and attracts over 13,000+ attendees a year. Here, you’ll find the best brands and latest trendy products in landscape design — a must-see for your next Toronto trade show adventure.


Stay on top of the latest food trends and flavours and follow your nose straight into the warm kitchen of the Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association (CRFA) Show. The CRFA Show attracts over 13,000+ attendees showcasing over 700+ exhibitors. All in attendance will get to brush shoulders with famous food personalities, special guests and participate in a wide range of live food demos — your taste buds don’t want to miss out on this one!

Construct Canada

Construct Canada is the biggest construction trade show and conference in Canada hosted by the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It’s also organized by Informa Canada, a reputable organization responsible for 46 other successful annual consumer events. The widely popular construction trade show expects to see over 24,500+ attendees and feature over 1,600+ exhibits from the biggest construction and design leaders and decision-markers on the planet. Who should go? Anyone who wants to uncover the ‘secrets of the trade’ and learn the inside scoop of design and construction.

Interior Design Show

Trumpeted as the, “breeding ground for design creativity,” the Interior Design Show (IDS) is another reputable trade show organized by Informa Canada, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. With Toronto having the 3rd largest design workforce in North America, it’s only natural for Canada’s largest design trade show of the year, the IDS, act as Canada’s north star for Canadian interior design. IDS typically happens on the third week of January showcasing over 320+ exhibitors and attracting over 12,000+ attendees — all who come together and celebrate interior design’s leading brands, rising local talent, and must-see keynote speakers.

Canadian Wireless Trade Show


Hack into the brains of the leading minds in tech at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show, and uncover upcoming market trends from trendsetting techies. The show always promises to be cutting-edge, fun and informative featuring both famous national and international tech personalities and intellects. Attendees will find brands like that of Microsoft, Nokia, LG, Rogers Wireless, BlackBerry, Alliance Corporation, Bell, Wind, OtterBox, and more. The day is filled with incredible insider keynote talks as well, takeaways you’ll only find at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show seminars, which is worth more than its weight in gold.

Fan Expo Canada

fan expo 2012

If you love Comic Con, you’ll love Fan Expo Canada, Canada’s largest comics, anime, horror, sci-fi and gaming trade show. Fan Expo Canada is typically held a week before Labour Day weekend at the Metro Convention Centre in the heart of downtown Toronto and features over 1,000+ exhibitors, amassing approximately 750,000 square feet of trade show ground. Expect to see over-the-top costumes, super fans and super heroes, and big name celebrities, all who are brought in to help celebrate comics, anime, horror, sci-fi, and gaming.

Artist Project

artist project - toronto

For good reason the Artist Project has become one of Toronto’s must-attend art trade shows of the year. The AGO-like ambiance delivers an authentic art exhibit experience all while showcasing the hottest contemporary local, national and international artists. The annual art trade show typically kicks off in late February each year at the Better Living Centre Exhibition; featuring over 250+ local and international contemporary artists all accompanied with their masterpieces and wit. Thought provoking, posh and raw all at the same time, the Artist Project gives everyone a chance to brush shoulders with new and established contemporary artists and perhaps meet the next Basquiat.

National Women’s Show

national women's show

If you have never experienced, ‘the ultimate girl’s day out,’ buy a ticket to the National Women’s Show, a trade show built for women-culture and all things connected. The two-day event features over 450+ exhibitors and showcases the latest must-have products, services and new cutting-edge items for the modern woman. From amazing shopping deals to spa treatments to fashion trends to celebrity appearances and more, the National Women’s Show has it all.

ABA Ontario Beauty Show

aba trade show

Ahhh…A trade show for those who appreciate self-love and beauty, the Allied Beauty Association (ABA) Show highlights a wide range of noteworthy beauty tips and secrets. From eyelashes down to toes and up again, the ABA shades all the beauty boxes. Typically held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, ABA is a leading beauty trade show representing over 90% of the Canadian professional beauty supply market in Toronto. ABA offers educational seminars and competitions and attracts over 50,000+ attendees each year.

Food and Wine Expo

wine and food expo

Wine and dine with 45,000+ other like-minded foodies and add the Food and Wine Expo to your must-attend bucket list. Both decadent and gluttonous the Food and Wine Expo allows you to spoil yourself with the freedom to taste a range of traditional and exotic flavours. Chug a beer, sip on a spirit and sample the best flavours from around the world until you say when. This annual November event is typically held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in the North Building and is definitely worth its weight in ‘itis.’


And there you have it folks, MCR Rental Solutions’ list featuring the best trade shows in Toronto. If you think we missed out on your favourite Toronto trade show feel free to leave a comment or send us a message on our Facebook fan page.

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