When you are on the hunt for buying or renting a printer, the first question that comes to mind is ink or toner? You might do some research on the internet that is more than likely to leave you more confused than you were before. Why don’t you hear it from the experts themselves? We give you a fair comparison between ink and toner for you to make an informed choice.

First things first, you must take into account the kind of printers that are compatible with ink and toner and while toner is used with laser printers, ink is the prime printing material for inkjet printers.


  1. COST: Buying cartridges is a big investment that comes with buying or renting a printer. It is also a critical factor when making the choice between ink and toner. Ink wins this round as its cartridges are considerably cheaper compared to toner, although ink runs the risk of drying out if not used for a long time which may eventually increase your costs of buying new cartridges at regular intervals.


  1. PRINTING SPEED: Toners are typically faster compared to ink as the precision with which laser printers are able to map an image compared to ink that is also prone to clogging. Toners are the preferred option when you have a large number of documents or images to print and time is of the essence.


  1. IMAGE QUALITY: Similar to the above point, toners offer much sharper image quality simply due to the printing technology of laser printers. The only exception being photo-grade ink printers that are specifically designed to print images, laser printers have an edge when it comes to printing photos.


  1. MAINTENANCE: Toners are comparatively easier to maintain as they require fewer refills and have much lower spillages. Also, due to the fact that laser printers are able to reuse extra toner is a big plus. The downside being that toner refills and laser printers in general are considerably more expensive and bigger (in size) than ink and inkjet printers so if you are on a budget and have space issues, toner might not be the best option for you.

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of ink and toner, we hope you are better prepared in making the final choice. If you seek more information on renting printers or copiers and how each one will best suit your needs, our team would be more than happy to assist you.

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