Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to showcase your products and services to the right audience at the right platform. The challenge however remains how to attract visitors to your booth when you are surrounded by a sea of competitors offering same or similar products. The answer is simple and it is to engage your consumer with your offerings through interactive technology that will pull them to your booth and keep them interested.

What exactly is interactive technology? It is a range of tech equipment designed for easier interaction with your audience and making it easier for you to communicate the message you want to send across. Below are a few ways interactive technology can help lead generation and eventually lead to more sales:



  1. GIANT ITABS: They are replicas of smartphones or tablets with a massive screen replete with all the applications and gesture controls. It is one of the recent offerings in interactive technology and helps you display your content on a futuristic looking device. They are also an ideal option for app demonstrations. It is possible that your visitors might not have taken the Giant iTab experience in the past and having one at your booth will give the edge over your competitors.

  1. TOUCHSCREENS: Whether you are offering a promotion or gathering visitor information, touchscreens are a great tool to showcase your message and interact with your audience. You can also use touchscreens to hold contests, announce winners and for your consumers to play interactive games (trivia related to your company or product) at your booth.

  1. VIDEO WALLS: Having a single screen in your booth is simply not enough these days to garner interest. Video walls are now ruling the roost these days. They offer higher visibility and guaranteed eyeballs and act as a great bait to invite attendees to where you are. You can also use video walls for live tweeting, playing company information, share your social media feeds and even make important announcements.

  1. IPAD KIOSKS: Your aim of having a booth at a trade show is to gather consumer information and reach out to them post-event. iPad kiosks are a great option to do all the hard-work of gathering and storing client information at one place. They are also a convenient and safe way to display content without having iPads lying around your booth. Having iPad kiosks also means you need lesser staff to explain your offerings as the consumer can easily browse through the information in the iPad. They also look professional and upmarket making your brand appear responsible and confident.

  1. CHARGING STATIONS: While charging stations may not have top-of-mind presence when it comes to interactive technology, they are definitely a great crowd-puller as nobody wants their phone batteries to die especially when you are at a business event. You have the option of playing videos or presentations on the display screen to keep the audience engaged while waiting for their phone to charge. Sounds like a winner to us!

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