Have you ever needed a flat headed screwdriver and only have square ones? That might be the exact analogy of what you are planning to rent for your next project.

Making sure you have the best level of Laptop for your next training at a competitive price doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice speed or quality.

Average laptop screens haven’t really changed all that much in the last several years when it comes to word documents and charts. While there might be HDMI, 4K touch-screen monitors with an incredibly fast refresh, doesn’t mean you need them.  A quick conversation with one of our Laptop rental professionals we determine how to get the best possible equipment for the lowest possible price. You wouldn’t expect to pay the same price for a Mercedes as a Kia however if you are only going to the shops for groceries you have to ask if the Mercedes if really necessary. Oh I know you want the Mercedes but it isn’t a minimum requirement. (have you seen the insurance rates!)

For some that isn’t a consideration but if you were going to be hosting a training session for 50 people, socially distanced, the costs become significant. 50 people with a difference of $30.00 per unit is $1500.00! That could be applied to increased PPE, another speaker or one of our live video plans to those who would prefer to stay at home but want to participate. MCR appreciates this and is prepared to test your program or video on an actual unit to ensure that we have the right product and your event runs seamlessly.

Our Sales Professionals are waiting to hear from you today.

– Dennis Pugh
Senior Account Manager,
MCR Rental Solutions

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