Event god creates app connecting event profs with sponsors for free

Peter Poehle is officially a god. Well at the least he is in an event industry and marketing world sort of way. His app, SponsorMyEvent, makes it easier for event marketing professionals and sponsors looking for events connect with one another for free.

“Everyone who has ever organized an event knows very well how difficult it can be to find and manage the right sponsor. On the other hand companies are spending each year nothing less than $54-billion just to get some visibility just through sponsorships.” says Poehle in his explainer video.

From the armchair, SponsorMyEvent is what you get when you mash LinkedIn and Tinder up together and program its soul for event organizer-sponsor hookups. There is a zero spam tolerance and SponsorMyEvent also features a convenient messaging system, which helps both parties connect and negotiate and close event package deals with one another in real time.

SponsorMyEvent has been featured in The Next Web, Event Industry News, Event Manager Blog, TechsyTalk, and Entrepreneur Country and more.

Check out SponsorMyEvent’s video below and let us know what you think in our comments section.

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