What to rent and when?

You have a project due that has a document, pictures, PowerPoint deck and a Video and you don’t know what to rent. How about the latest laptop that is loaded to the teeth with ram, a huge hard drive and  all   the bells and whistles that you can think of! Wrong. You know the one you saw in the magazine and copied down the specs as if they were off of the Dead Sea scrolls. You are about ready to enter the over payment zone.

Here are some other real world scenarios:

You want to run a projector with sound off of a Laptop and still don’t know what to rent or you have a bucket or reports to review, edit, save to PDF and email. What should you rent?

You could have 45 people training on the same app either on line for loaded to each unit, what should rent?

How about an examination with 350 all lined up in row ready for the start time or you want to deliver a new way to vote and need 1000 units in 45 locations.

You just want a laptop to be able to work from home and get on the internet and company site.

Would you consider a well seasoned  i5 Lenovo notebook with 16 gigs of ram and a decent screen as a rental? If you answered no, you should re think that answer!

Most laptops with a relative level of ram can process information, text and pictures faster than you can type, reply or paste. A poor Internet connection may be the culprit of slow service not the lowly laptop you are pounding you fist on. Where it really counts is that the i5 Lenovo notebook with 16 gigs of rams rents for a meager $75.00 per week. Yet the MacBook Pro will set you back 4 to 5 times that for the same period. That is about the same rental rate as a brand spanking new Dell or HP laptop with touch-screen, HDMI screen and an i7 processor.  Talk about Turbo charging a skateboard!

Give us a call today at MCR and you will receive an honest assessment of your actual needs. If you are still not convinced, you can send your file and we will load it and play it to make sure it works. We make our living off of providing you with a tool to win that bid, teach those followers or send Mom and Dad an update from your home office. Oh and by the way, we can load your software and images to make this a turnkey operation!

Please remember that we clean and sanitize all of our products pre-deliver for your safety.

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