Employee training sessions are an essential part of employee orientation and development and while companies spend a considerable amount of time, effort and money to organize these sessions, missing a few key factors can turn a successful training towards an irrecoverable disaster.

We have created a list of 5 training pitfalls that can lead to a disastrous session:


  1. LACK OF PLANNING: Planning is the axis on which all training sessions depend and lack of planning can be a crucial factor in deciding the fate of the event. Planning involves securing venue, managing speaker and attendee schedule, coordinating between vendors and maintaining consistency among others.
  1. BEING UNPREPARED: Lack of preparedness is also a major training pitfall that may lead to catastrophic results. Be it at the organizer or speaker level, preparation is critical for a smooth training session.
  1. EQUIPMENT BOOKING: Training sessions typically involve a particular setup including AV and IT equipment that must be booked well in advance to avoid unavailability at the time of the event. Some setups also require sound elements that may be easy to miss at the time of booking but must be kept in mind too to save yourself from training disasters.
  1. INCONSISTENCY: A number of training sessions require specific software and it is essential for all devices to have the same software uploaded on them prior to the session. Getting professional help is the right way to go when organizing training for a large group of people, in multiple locations or when a large amount of equipment is required so consistency can be maintained throughout.
  1. PRACTICE RUN: Even the best trainers will tell you that not doing a practice run before event day is a disaster waiting to happen. Practice runs allow you to eliminate any loose ends and prepare for any unforeseeable situations including bad weather, equipment shortage, power accessibility, overrunning event time etc.

Keeping in mind these 5 factors will definitely have you prepared to organize a successful event.

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