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Hand Hygiene Station


Protect your customers and employees.
Quick to deploy Stations ensure everyone has easy access to sanitization.
It has the unique ability to handle a very high volume of traffic with up to 10,000 uses between re-fills thereby considerably reducing refill costs.
The foot pedal provides added protection and prevents contamination of hands compared to regular sanitizing stations.

Other features include:
 Drip tray that protects floor surfaces
 Additional space to store refill bottles
 Keyed lock for security
 Accepts various sizes of refill
 Rugged construction suitable for high traffic areas


Hand Hygiene Station
hand drops sanitizer


The hands-free Hygiene Station – Traffic stand is designed for commercial and industrial use.  It is the perfect hands-free stand for spaces that receive medium traffic, like offices, stores, showrooms, medical clinics, senior homes and more.

The pedal operated hands-free stand dispenses hand sanitizer with no contact.  As a result, the Hygiene Station ensures that the stand stays clean and free of germs.

It allows you to keep your customers and your employees safe.  Above all, it provides them with quick and easy access to hand sanitizer in the most convenient places at all times.


The Hand Drops Sanitizer Kiosk is a light-weight unit that includes a 11×17 advertising /messaging poster that can be customised with your logo/brand message/promotion.

The automatic kiosk allows contactless dispensing of hand sanitizer to maintain better hygiene and minimal touch points except when refilling. Its sleek design makes it easy to place and is aesthetically pleasing for any space.